Private University Research Branding Project

Culture, Art, and Expression

Kyoto Seika University was selected for the 2018 Private University Research Branding Project (Type B: Research contributing to national or international economic and societal growth or advancement of scientific technologies, through the development of innovative/academic research infrastructure) announced on February 26th 2019 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The university was selected for its project to research traditional cultural expressions in the context of a sustainable society. With support from MEXT, the university aims to establish its brand over the course of three years until 2020.

Through the years, Kyoto Seika University has collected data from research on diverse modes of expression. This resource will be used to create a database to support innovation in traditional cultures, and develop further research on the themes of community, material, and human to construct models for future-building initiatives. These activities aim to establish Kyoto Seika University as an educational community that values expression and uses the power of culture and art to build our future.